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New poll (movie books) and new layout

As you may have noticed, This Girl's Bookshelf now has a new layout. It is still highly experimental (read: I am not a web designer) so if anyone has any problems with the new layout let me know ASAP. Suggestions are welcome also. :)

The previous poll has closed. The question was, How long do you prefer books to be? There were 28 votes and here are the results:

Less than 150 pages14% (4)
150-250 pages14% (4)
250-350 pages39% (11)
350-450 pages14% (4)
450+ pages17% (5)

As expected, most of you prefer books somewhere in the middle - that is, 250-350 pages long. Not too long, not too short. However, a number of you like them very long too!

The next poll is about movies based on books. There are a number of big book movies coming out, such as the Twilight series, Harry Potter 6, The Time Traveler's Wife and The Lovely Bones, which I recently reviewed. What do you like to do with book movies? Do you read first or watch first? Or do one or the other? Vote in the poll and leave your comments here. :)