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My To-Read list - Nonfiction

I've got quite a large stack of books currently, mostly from BookMooch or through gifts. Most of the books on my list are novels, but there are quite a few non-fiction books as well. Here are just a few of the non-fiction books I'll be reading in the next few months.

Science: I'm not a 'scientific' person by any means, but there are a number of topics in the sciences that interest me. I don't like to read anything too dense, so science books aimed at the general population appeal to me.

Social topics: People fascinate me. The ways they live, the difficulties they face, the ways they interact, it's all very interesting to me.

Books about Iran: I've been studying the Persian language in school, which has ignited a fire in me for learning about Persian culture and politics, especially with the recent goings-on in Iran. Some books I've previously enjoyed about Iran are Persepolis, Reading Lolita in Tehran, and Translating the Garden.



Anonymous said...

Hi there...just curious what you thought about Funny in Farsi. I wasn't very impressed with the writer's style or organization. But it was an interesting, fast read.