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June Adgitize Advertising program Payment

I just received my monthly payment from Adgitize, a blog ad network that you can see on the sidebar and bottom of the page. I have been using Adgi for a few months now and it is really paying off! This month's payment was $21.28, which pays for my $14 advertising cost (I ran an ad for my knitting blog) and gives me $7 extra.

The Adgitize program is based on a points system, which then determines how much you earn. The maximum number of points you can earn per day is 500: 100 points for being an advertiser, 100 points for clicking ads, 100 points for page views on your website, 100 points for ad views on your website (you can have up to 10 ads on your page), and 100 points for publishing an article every day.

Adgetize your web site with the Adgitize Advertising Program for bloggers

I am very happy with the Adgitize program, and if you already use Entrecard then I can't recommend it enough. The two services work perfectly together, because many Adgitize blogs are also Entrecard blogs. At the same time you drop, you can also click the Adgitize ads. So basically, I am earning money for things I already do like drop Entrecards and post to my blogs. I am getting paid to advertise!

The Adgitize advertising program, besides earning me a few extra bucks each month for things I already do (visit blogs, write blog posts), has also brought me almost 2,000 visits in the last month. What blog couldn't use 2,000 extra monthly visits? I really, really, really can't recommend the Adgitize Advertising Program enough.