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Book length poll

I will be running regular polls regarding your preferences about the books you read, or the books I should review. You can see the current poll in the sidebar to your left. They will close when they reach a certain number of answers; then I will release the results and put up a new poll.

The first poll question is How long do you prefer books to be? Do you like little books you can read in a day or do you prefer long, massive, multi-volume epics? Or perhaps somewhere in between?

Leave your comments on this post after voting, and tell me what you think!



austenfan said...

Hi there! I voted for the 350-450 pages long. I don't like reading books that are a bit short since it sometimes leaves me wanting for more. Though I don't want them too long either. :p

Liza said...

I voted for 250-350. I don't want to read stories that are too long. I have the habit of trying to finish it in one sitting.

Take a coffee break...

Sandra said...

I love big books, the longer the better. If it's well written or a really good story why would you want it to be over? I'm in the minority I'm sure. Funny enough my son , who is 35, feels exactly the same way.