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Books for your Dad

So maybe you've been putting it off. You still haven't gotten your dad something for Father's Day. It's on Sunday! What are you going to do?! Books are one of my favorite things to give as gifts, because they spark conversations and they show that you know what interests the gift recipient.

Think about your dad, and think about what kind of books he would like for Father's Day.

-Science Fiction Is he stressed out? Give the gift of a little fun escapism.

-Sports You can't watch ballgames 24/7. Reading a good sports book is the next best thing.

-History. Is Dad a history buff? Give him some of the greatest stories of the past to relive.

-Thriller. Everyone likes a good page-turner.

-Graphic novels. If your dad's a baby boomer, he probably grew up on superhero comic books. Let him relive some of that nostalgia with some more grownup comics.

-Audiobooks. Audiobooks are great if your dad is a busy person who travels a lot. Long commute? You can listen in the car! Perfect for multitasking.

Good luck with your shopping!



Jennifer Bogart said...

That Ender's Game series is addictive!